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What is Prayer Coaching?

Prayer Coaching is our method of providing strategic assistance to survivors of satanic ritual abuse, government sponsored mind control, and to those that are in need of general assistance in the areas of inner healing, deliverance, and personal ministry. Prayer coaching is biblical and faith-based ministry to the broken-hearted centered on the finished word of Jesus Christ.

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Welcome to Bride Ministries Coaching!

We are confident that here, you will find an extraordinary level of expertise, service, and support for a Christ-centered healing journey from SRA and mind-control, and powerful ministry for deliverance, inner healing, and other prayer coaching needs.

A Strong History of Success

Bride Ministries was founded by Daniel Duval in 2012. In 2015, Bride Ministries began an intentional outreach to survivors of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and government sponsored mind control projects by linking arms with others that demonstrated success in working with survivors and began to fund healing journeys through donations that were raised. Through the Discovering Truth with Dan Duval podcast, many have been awakened to the deep need for this ministry. Many continued to turn to Bride Ministries for help.

The need for a training program that could train and release more individuals to provide strategic assistance in this area was clear. In 2021, the first group of individuals that were personally trained by Daniel Duval were released, and Bride Ministries helped more people that year than ever before. As the number of qualified coaches has grown, and the testimonies have continued to pour in, Bride Ministries created a church-owned coaching business to maximize customer service, coach support, quality of client experience, and administrative excellence.

Ethically Sound

When it comes to ethics, we take safety and accountability in our practice seriously. We train all over our coaches in ethical integrity of ministry and practice. This ensures that you are in a safe place the moment that you step into a session with one of our highly qualified coaches. For the purposes of transparency and accountability, we make our ethical guidelines publicly available for your review. Feel free to browse them prior to booking with us!

See Our Code of Ethics


At the Bride Ministries Coaching platform, we are continually learning and growing in community, allowing us to serve you with a world-class experience.



We take training seriously. Our coaches not only successfully complete the Bride Ministries School of Inner Healing and Deliverance, they demonstrate the ability to successfully help others with the tools they learn, and are held accountable to ongoing education requirements.



Our community of coaches leans heavily on the prayer resources made available in Daniel Duval’s books and on the Bride Ministries website.


They also have access to proprietary prayer resources created by Daniel Duval and the coaches themselves that are not publicly available.


Coaches participate in ongoing meetings where they rotate and present case studies, so that information is shared within the coach community keeping everyone informed of latest developments and discoveries.

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Scholarship Opportunities

We understand that not everyone can afford qualified help. Bride Ministries Coaching is a church-owned business. As such, our business model is highly benevolent. We offer three routes for people that cannot afford ministry from our coaches to receive it anyway.

First, we allow for scholarship applicants to receive ministry from students in the Year 2 Mentorship of the Bride Ministries School of Inner Healing and Deliverance. This ministry takes place under the direct supervision of Daniel Duval and other coaches involved in oversight. Scholarship applicants can also receive ministry from Residency students that have been fully trained and are completing their required hours for release as a coach on this platform.

Finally, each year a budget is set aside to support scholarships with coaches that are on this platform. We invite those that cannot afford coaching to follow the link below. If your application is approved, you will be given access to FREE materials that are required to prepare you for your coaching experience. We will serve you on a first come-first serve basis according to our waiting list!

Robust Support

Bride Ministries Coaching is a church owned company.

Everything that our coaches do is backed by the robust support of what Bride Ministries International offers, which includes....


The Church


The Bride Ministries Institute


The School of Inner Healing and Deliverance


Bride Ministries Deliverance Portal


Free Prayer Resources


Ongoing Intercessory Prayer


Church Sponsored Survivor Support Groups

*Exclusively available to those that are referred by a coach on this platform

Bride Ministries has become one of the most recognized and referred resources to survivors of deep trauma that exists within the Christian sphere.

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